~Shelby~16~Outcast~ Taken<3 Music and Tumblr are the things i go to when i need to escape. My blog is literally me. i blog what i like&feel. ~Black Veil Brides ~Bring Me The Horizon ~Memphis May Fire~ ~Hopes Die Last~ ~Demon Hunter~ ~ Bullet For My Valentine ~Asking Alexandria~ ~Of Mice And Men ~Breaking Benjamin ~Yashin ~Avenged Sevenfold Godsmack~Woe, Is Me ~Many More~~


Reasons why im a bad friend:

• i get too attached

• i will complain about all my problems to you

i will snap at you by accident one day, causing you to hate me

i need to be reassured periodically CONSTANTLY that you dont think im annoying

• i am annoying

• im boring

• i dont know how to keep the conversation going

• i get emotional after midnight and will probably tell you something that could make you think differently of me

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its pretty fucking crazy that i’m supposed to decide what i want to do for the rest of my life in a few months like hello my mom still talks to the doctor for me??

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